I take a portrait of Evan every year for his birthday up at our family’s fishing cabin in Central Oregon. This tradition only started two years ago, it was a birthday photo project I gave him for his 30th: 30 pictures over the course of 30 years. The drive to Camp Sherman, OR from Portland isn’t too bad—though we all disagree about the amount of time it actually takes to get there. What we can agree upon is how good the scones are at Rosie’s Mountain House in Mill City; and how majestic Detroit Lake is; and how the smell of ponderosa pines calms our souls.

Metolius River in Camp Sherman, Oregon

In the past we’ve typically found ourselves at the cabin near or around his birthday but this year was different since we moved to Los Angeles. Nevertheless, I was determined to make it work and started looking into flights. I was overjoyed to discover we could fly direct from LAX to Redmond, OR in a mere 1.75 hours (thank you, American Airlines), less time then it takes to get to Portland! So while there would be no cranberry-orange scones from Rosie’s on the way, there would be walks up river, chocolate chip cookies (more on those later) and Scrabble battles. Oh, and a birthday portrait session for the man I love.

Evan Dohrmann in Camp Sherman


Evan Dohrmann in Camp Sherman at his family's fishing cabin

I think the last one is my favorite and this year’s winner. Happy birthday, Love of My Life. It’s a pleasure growing old with you.


Meet Matilda

Matilda Uni Rose the pug, sitting onto of Buddah

I don’t think I’ve properly introduced you to my niece, Matilda Uni Rose. She lives in Los Angeles, too. She enjoys blueberries and sweet potatoes and prefers to sleep on pillows.

Corona Beer, Chips and Salsa


(Also, how rad is this tablecloth? My Father-in-Law gave it to us—it’s from his childhood! Somehow I feel my life could’ve been dramatically different if I grew up in the Bay in the 60′s and my family dined on this tablecloth.)


Population: 1

LaLa Simone Rockefeller Weinstein was born four years ago from today and she’s been tearing shit up ever since.

Oui oui, Frenchie. Oui oui.


Special Delivery


You guys, check out the Woodsman Market care package I just received from Carly! That sweet little market tote is hot off the press and I’m totally obsessed with the mushroom design! Not to mention all of these treats—including hometown favorites Nong’s Sauce, Freddy Guy’s Hazelnuts and Nancye’s amazing granola! This gift totally made me homesick, but also really grateful for thoughtful friends.

Portland Peeps, have you swung by the Woodsman Market yet? They have a beautifully curated shop, an adorable storefront, and a great selection of soups and sandwiches (make a point to check out their “Fried Chicken Thursdays”—thank me later). Next time you find yourself on SE Division St., aka “The Most Popular Neighborhood St. in Portland Right Now,” pop in. Grab a pint of homemade ice cream, a fresh baguette and some sheep’s milk cheese. Better yet, make a night of it and have dinner at the Tavern. Treat yourself to a glass of rosé, a Benton’s Ham Plate and the Whole Roasted Trout. And please make sure to tell the gang “hi” for me, while you’re at it. I sure do miss those folks.