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Last Friday the Pancake Epidemic held their weekly coffee grinder at Stumptown Coffee’s newest location in LA’s Arts District. I had the privilege of helping curate the food for the event. Inspired by this Bon Appetit article featuring Stumptown’s founder Duane Sorenson, we created a spread one invitee described as straight from the pages of “Betty Crocker’s 1952 cookbook” (I took this as a compliment-sincerely). We aimed for an elevated, no-fuss continental breakfast that satisfied the sweet and savory cravings without the need for silverware or plates. Since these coffee grinders are designed for Creatives (i.e. the movers and shakers) in the design industry, we wanted something light and casual where people could easily mingle while snacking. Stumptown’s cafe and roastery provided the perfect backdrop for the event.

Brandon Davenport serving Stumptown Coffee at Pancake Epidemic's coffee grinder. Photo by Footbridge to the Feast

Invitees were escorted into the production facility to a chemex bar headed up by Brandon Davenport, of Caffeination fame. For those needing a nitro boost, we filled a large galvanized tub with Stumptown’s Cold Brew. Once caffeine levels were stabilized guests made their way over to the buffet. Vintage serveware and a large square table covered in kraft paper created our base. We set the food up in a circuit so people could find access from many angles, ensuring there weren’t any long lines to distract guests from conversation.

Smoked Salmon Board for Stumptown Coffee and The Pancake Epidemic

Smoked Salmon Board

rye toast points, everything cream cheese, red onion, dill, capers, cornichons and lemon

Cheese & Bread Board

Blue Stilton, Gouda and Port Salut with candied walnuts, satsumas and thomcord grapes
Bread Lounge Baguette with salted grass-fed butter, aged balsamic, homemade jam and mustard

Pastry Board

Trio of Sugarbloom’s Croissants: Spam Masubi, Spinach and Cheese, and Pretzel
Miso Butterscotch Cookies
Pan Dulce (from our friends Armando Jr. and Armando Sr. from Guisados)
Cheese Board for Stumptown Coffee Roaster and the Pancake Epidemic's weekly coffee grinder

 Aside from being “industrial chic,” the kraft paper made for easy food labeling (yay Sharpie!) and clean-up. When making a menu this simple the important thing to focus on is the quality of ingredients. In addition to Stumptown’s incredible coffee, we outsourced the bread and pastries from artisan purveyors and made sure our condiments were top notch, including homemade jam and mustard. At the end of the event guests were gifted samples of Stumptown’s current offerings as well as custom Cold Brew coozies. Many thanks to Evan, Jae and Spencer from Stumptown, and to Brandon from the Pancake Epidemic and Darren from Street Virus for the help and consideration!



i. start with a clean container

ii. use river rocks as a base

iii. use a combination of charcoal and soil on top of the river rocks

iv. plant your cacti and succulents and place in a well-lit spot

Special Delivery


You guys, check out the Woodsman Market care package I just received from Carly! That sweet little market tote is hot off the press and I’m totally obsessed with the mushroom design! Not to mention all of these treats—including hometown favorites Nong’s Sauce, Freddy Guy’s Hazelnuts and Nancye’s amazing granola! This gift totally made me homesick, but also really grateful for thoughtful friends.

Portland Peeps, have you swung by the Woodsman Market yet? They have a beautifully curated shop, an adorable storefront, and a great selection of soups and sandwiches (make a point to check out their “Fried Chicken Thursdays”—thank me later). Next time you find yourself on SE Division St., aka “The Most Popular Neighborhood St. in Portland Right Now,” pop in. Grab a pint of homemade ice cream, a fresh baguette and some sheep’s milk cheese. Better yet, make a night of it and have dinner at the Tavern. Treat yourself to a glass of rosé, a Benton’s Ham Plate and the Whole Roasted Trout. And please make sure to tell the gang “hi” for me, while you’re at it. I sure do miss those folks.

Vintage Leather bag from Melrose Trading Post

Check out this awesome score I found at the Melrose Trading Post, the  flea market held every Sunday in the Fairfax High School parking lot. I love the rush that comes from being on the hunt in flea markets but I absolutely hate the negotiating part. Left to my own devices I would pay full price for everything which isn’t exactly the smartest thrifting strategy. Fortunately, E. Dohrmann loves to bargain which is another reason why he’s my favorite travel partner. I walked by it four times before finally sending my mom (who was visiting from Portland) and E. Dohrmann over there to do my bidding for me. I absolutely love the “Dr.’s bag” feeling and it fits both cameras and my lenses perfectly. Say hello to my new camera bag.

Melrose Trading Post
7850 Melrose Ave  
Los Angeles, California 90046




I am pleased to announce that we survived our roadtrip and arrived safely to our new home in a lovely pocket of Glassell Park in NE Los Angeles. Our house is actually one mile from my old apartment, and more importantly, a mile from Leo’s Taco Truck. Other things I love about our neighborhood:

1. There is a pool and community center right down the street

2. We are often greeted in Spanish when passing by our neighbors

3. Verdugo Bar is within walking distance

4. The succulents and flowers around here are A-MAZE-ZING! So vibrant and a stark contrast to what we are used to in Portland.


5. The sunset views cannot be beat


6. There is an English Bulldog named Dolly who lives directly behind us (her parents/our neighbors Steve and Maya are pretty great, too!)


7. This sign:


8. The $1 taco stand down the street


Dear Friends and Family,

Come visit us. What are you waiting for?