“A footbridge is a bridge designed for pedestrians and in some cases cyclists, animal traffic, and horse riders, rather than vehicular traffic. Footbridges complement the landscape and can be used decoratively to visually link two distinct areas, or to signal a transaction.”

Ali_LittleBranchMy name is Ali Jepson and I am a professional food addict and party animal. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I now reside in sunny Los Angeles with my partner-in-crime, Evan, the wisest pug in the world named Zeus, and a naughty little french bulldog named LaLa Simone. As a cook, consultant, and event strategist my entire life is dedicated to chasing down the scent of the next Feast.  Or as I like to summarize: Eat, Drink, Dance, Repeat. I am the author of Footbridge to the Feast and the Chef and Founder of Little Branch.

My work, recipes, and projects have been featured in such publications as Bon Appétit magazine, Eater National, Edible Portland, DailyCandy, Fresh Cup magazine, Gourmet magazine, GQ magazine, Imbibe magazine, Men’s Journal, Mix magazine, Once Wed, Portland Bride and Groom, Style Me Pretty, Sunset magazine and more.

I am an adventurer. My passions take me around the world. If you are interested in sharing one of my recipes or are interested in making magic please get in touch: ali@footbridgetothefeast.com. I live meaningfully by feeding people, fostering community, and collaborating with fun people doing cool things. So let’s dig in!

A forewarning: I am a person who  overindulges in has a soft spot for the following: Campari, Coen brothers movies, costume parties, dance routines, deviled eggs, earl grey tea, fiddle tunes, finishing salts, French macarons, grand schemes, hyperboles, Irish coffee, John Irving novels, late check-outs, musicals, passport stamps, photo booths, pretty shoes, rye (bread + whiskey), stinky cheese, thrifting, Tupac Shakur, toy dogs, vanilla soft-serve, vintage aprons and yurts.

This website was started in August 2010 as a way of working through these issues. Meanwhile, thanks for being here. Please consider this your invitation—or footbridge—to joining the hunt.